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Named after the Chinese character YUNG, the middle name shared by the siblings.


YUNGYUNG 23 unfolds a story about a family that embarked on a journey of thousands of miles in search of the best quality tea. They finally met their dream tea in Zhushan, Nantou, a place of 1,300 metres above sea level, where thick clouds beautifully intertwined with tea trees along the mountainsides. The family decided to dwell in this heavenly part of the earth, and since then, tea has become their life career. To YUNGYUNG 23, tea is not merely a taste of drink, but a way of breathing in line with the cycle of day and night, a philosophy of life.



Good environment promises the pristine quality of tea.


YUNGYUNG 23 farms its tea eco-friendly, controlling weeds manually without applying herbicide. Multiple trees are carefully grown within the tea garden while all the other natural living things are welcome. In an environment where human beings and the mother nature are becoming one, we firmly believe that good tea is a bless from the above. In the circulation of tea producing, we humbly regress and learn from the plants, the animals, the mountains, the moving airs, the abundant lands, the multiple forms of water, and all elements of the universe. We as a whole will finally retrieve the way of coexistence.



Let us settle our hearts in tea and merge into one.


We always keep up with the times in endless explorations. As we drink tea, we find ourselves anchored on the soil where the mountains began, and we realize it is the nature that nourishes lives and all.
In YUNGYUNG 23, we see unlimited potential in tea. In its delicate fragrance, we are gently embedded in the fertile land and hence are dearly embraced and blessed.